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Enjoy a glass of wine. Learn something new. Share stories with friends. Cheers!


1. Choose your company (family, friends, colleagues, clients)

2. Choose your venue (home, restaurant, boardroom)

3. Leave the rest to Nonna: I will hand select your wines, prepare tasting notes, & create an unforgettable experience

Wine Glasses

WINE 101

Let's Get Down to Basics

Not a wine connoisseur, but eager to learn more? We will cover the basic structure of wine, learn how to taste wine and begin understanding what your wine preference is.
Groups of 6+

Dinner Party


Rules to live by

Love hosting dinner parties but always perplexed by what wine to serve with each course? We look at 5 basic rules to pairing wine and food: you'll look like a pro!

Some wine knowledge required.

Groups of 4+

Wine Sampling


Finding the right wine for you

Whether you think there simply isn't a wine for you, or your stuck in a rut drinking the same brand week in and week out. We will determine what your personal preference is and how to find something new to try.

No wine experience required.

Groups of 6 +

Wine Glasses


A Worldly View

Love Champagne, but not its price tag? Try some alternative sparkling wines that won't break the bank and learn about the methods of making them. 
Groups of 6+

Wine Glasses


Learn How Style and Climate Effect Grapes 

Many grape varieties are grown all over the world, yet they taste very different. Explore how climate and winemaker's choice effect what's in your glass.
Groups of 6+

Wine Glasses


A Look @ Wine

Have an idea or question about wine? I will customize your event to suit your preferences. Whether you want to learn about what junk food pairs with which wine, or you are dying to learn more about a specific region. 
Groups of 6+

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