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Nostalgia, Togetherness, Utter Satisfaction: New Age Nonna

Dinner Party

Why New Age Nonna?

For as far as I can remember food and wine were the culmination of togetherness, it brings a sense of nostalgia, and a feeling of peace and belonging. There is something visceral about hosting friends and family and sharing a great meal and wine. I should be honest, I am in fact not a Nonna in the traditional sense of the word (about 25 years too young!), but if you ask my friends and family, I am an old soul who might as well be a Nonna today.

I grew up with an Italian Nonna and a British Grandmother, something I believe is truly unique and I cherish all of the things both of them have taught me. The wisdom they imparted, the food they showed me how to make, and the importance of family, has stuck with me all my life. New Age Nonna is the essence of all these things.

I have studied a great deal about wine, and continue to learn something new every day. I studied wine with Master Sommelier Bruce Wallner over a span of two years, and am currently enrolled in the Wine Spirits and Education Trust (WSET) to complete my Level 3 Certification. I am a die-hard foodie, obsessed with cooking great food, trying new restaurants, and will share what I have learned with you.

New Age Nonna is about me bringing my knowledge of wine and food to whoever is willing to learn/try something new. What I hope to do is change the way you think about wine and food, open your eyes to new, and bring people together to share stories and have a good time!

Follow me on Instagram: @NewAgeNonna to keep up to date on my reviews, new blog posts and upcoming events.

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