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Crisp, Balanced Chardonnay from our Neck of the Woods

Tawse Chardonnay

2013 Tawse Chardonnay: A Cool Climate Masterpiece

If you are a Chardonnay drinker who typically reaches for a California Chard, I urge you to give this one a try, if you normally don't choose Chardonnay, you should still try this! Amazing complexity and balance.

Tasting Notes:

Rich and lush on the pallet, this is a medium bodied white wine, citrus and peach with notes of toasted almond, and a slight minerality. The oak is noticeable but in a tastefully restrained manor.

What to eat with this wine:

A mixed green salad with goat cheese/ grilled salmon with honey and citrus vinaigrette/ charcuterie board with dried apricots and almonds. Think lighter meal, and seafood would be wonderful. If you are blowing the bank and making it really special, buy a few lobsters, and melt some butter. You won't be disappointed!

Have you had this wine? Tell me what you ate with it.

A little bit about Tawse Winery....

Tawse winery is located on the Niagara Bench and it is focused on creating high quality wine that is organically farmed, using biodynamics (more about this in another post) in the vineyard. An amazing spot to visit, they use a gravity system to make their wine, the winery was designed to use the natural hill on their property. They are sold in the LCBO, but for some interesting vintages, or to learn more, visit their website:

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