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4 Simple Rules to Wine & Food Recommendations

1. I will always be completely honest

In the nicest way possible- now who sounds like a Nonna?

What does this mean? If I don’t think something is as good as it should be or lacks in some capacity, I am going to be honest about it. It may sound odd to some (most of whom are being paid copious amounts of money to grin and bare it) but; I can’t put my stamp of approval on something that I don’t truly believe in. Honesty is number one; let me be clear, it doesn’t mean I have to be rude about it. I respect what anyone is trying to do in these industries, I can’t assume I know the reasons behind other people’s decisions or personal preferences, but I will always tell you what I think.

2. I will never compare apples to oranges

An expensive premier cru in Burgundy isn’t the same as a mass-produced Pinot Noir in California.

This is an important distinction- I can only compare like to like, its only fair. Grape varietals and quality of wine differ tremendously from region to region. Whether you are looking for decent wine at a reasonable price, or cheap wine your backyard kegger, there is a place for all kinds of wine! My goal is to always help you find the right wine for your budget.

3. I will give you tasting notes that you can understand

That is not to say I haven’t practiced a blind tasting grid until the cows come home. Believe me!

I want to give you meaningful information that helps you try new things, make good choices and gets you out of your wine comfort zone. And to me, that doesn’t mean telling you that the acid in a wine is a medium plus and the tannins are low.That is for me to master and translate into understandable information that helps you. I am always reminded of hosting a dinner party and looking up at my guests and asking “Don’t you taste the in this wine?” and getting looks like I have completely lost my mind. If I start spewing wine geek speak, you can shut me up, or join me, which ever you prefer.

4. I don’t claim to know everything, and would love to learn more!

Anyone who claims this is arrogant in my opinion, and shouldn’t be trusted.

I love wine and food. I have studied a great deal about wine. I have cooked and hosted many dinner parties. I have blind tasted many, many wines, but that doesn’t mean I claim to know everything about it. Quite the opposite, I am continuously learning and that’s what I love so much about wine and food. So, if you have information to share, or think I am missing out on something, tell me! I would love to hear about it.

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